Rolling Thunder: an Anarchist Journal of Dangerous Living
Rolling Thunder 12 Cover

Rolling Thunder #12

Spring 2015

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The centerpiece of this issue is a 64-page feature on the uprising against police and white supremacy that spread from Ferguson, Missouri across the United States. We urge everyone to read the debrief discussion in which Missouri anarchists reflect on their role in predominantly black struggles and the ramifications of joining confrontations that include arson and gunfire. This is filled out with raw and inspiring accounts from the streets of Ferguson, Oakland, and beyond—critiques of political cooptation and the politics of demands—narratives about destroying surveillance cameras—a discussion about the function of biopower in jails and cancer wards—anarchist analyses of sex work—interviews with Turkish anarchists who participated in the resistance to ISIS in Kobanê—poetry of the Egyptian revolution—comics about the celebrated riot dog Loukanikos—the life of Biófilo Panclasta—history vs. mythology—tactics vs. strategy—peace vs. justice—and much, much more. All this, plus our regular features, gorgeous artwork and photographs, and 16 pages in full color. Fully 154 pages! Download T.O.C. PDF [224 kb].

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Rolling Thunder Bundle

Rolling Thunder Bundle

Issues 8, 11 & 12

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Rolling Thunder 11 Cover

Rolling Thunder #11

Spring 2014

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This one goes to eleven! The second series of Rolling Thunder opens with an issue full of adventure and analysis. Whether you’re a committed revolutionary looking for the latest strategic reflections from the front lines, or you simply enjoy the gripping tales of suspense and subversion, you can’t get this stuff anywhere else. An epic account of prisoner resistance from Sean Swain—an exploration of the waning phase of social movements, including case studies of Occupy Oakland and the 2012 student strike in Québec—a narrative from the epicenter of the uprising that rocked Turkey in June 2013—devastating critiques of ally politics and the ideology coded into digital technology—a tell-all history of anarchism in Israel—a new look at gentrification, through the frame of one neighborhood’s struggle against development—a review of the forgotten insurrectionist text that taught Nietzsche, Borges, and Walter Benjamin about infinity. All this, plus our regular features, gorgeous artwork, 16 pages in full color, and a completely new and improved format! At 128 pages, this is our thickest issue yet. Download T.O.C. PDF [267 kb].

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Rolling Thunder 8 Cover

Rolling Thunder #8

Fall 2009

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Balancing out the previous issue’s focus on breaking news, Rolling Thunder #8 steps back to reflect on the priorities and relationships that can make resistance effective and infectious. The centerpiece of this issue is a critical examination of the strengths and shortcomings of contemporary insurrectionist theory and practice, spanning 24 pages and a wide range of lines of inquiry. Elsewhere herein, one can find a guide to crafting constructive accountability processes, a survey of the past four decades of anarchist activity in Chile, and a report from San Francisco exploring the broader context of anarchist organizing leading up to and following the Oakland riots covered in Rolling Thunder #7. We’ve also turned up a retrospective by a member of the legendary clandestine anti-prison group Os Cangaceiros, distilling the lessons of years of underground struggle. All this is rounded out by inspiring accounts, entertaining anecdotes, magical realist fiction, and much more. No advertisements; 16 full-color pages. Download Table of Contents PDF [822 k]. (106 pages)

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What is Rolling Thunder?

Rolling Thunder is a biannual journal covering passionate living and creative resistance in all the forms they take: from consensus process to streetfighting, from workplace struggles to graffiti art, from gender mutiny to subversive humor. Each issue runs the gamut from on-the-spot reporting, strategic analysis, and instructional guides to poetry, comics, and games.

Rolling Thunder provides the substance and depth the internet cannot. Each issue is finely-printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based ink, runs over one hundred pages, is free of advertisements and features clean and elegant design showcasing high-quality original artwork and photographs.

invitation to participate

Send us writing and artwork for publication!

That’s right, we want photo essays documenting the inflammatory graffiti that appears mysteriously in your neighborhood, witty true stories of fighting the law and winning, on-the-spot reports and analysis of life and resistance in any of these occupied territories (both the ones we live in and the ones within us), excerpts from unpublishable novels, the heart-rending poetry you wrote as a precocious teenager, how-to tips on cutting-edge vegan recipes and scamming techniques, crossword puzzles teeming with unfathomably obscure subcultural references, naked polaroids of your ski-masked lover(s) pissing on police cars . . . if they’re up to scratch, we’ll print and distribute them so thoroughly you’ll be guaranteed an F.B.I. file of your very own!

Send us letters!

Help out by identifying incorrect or disputable details in our writers’ accounts, or suggesting points of departure for readers to learn more or get involved, or countering absurd arguments with cogent, nuanced ones. We’ll respond with lengthy rebuttals or, worst-case scenario, disavowals of responsibility, reserving the final word for ourselves (after all, the home team always bats last) in the time-honored tradition of radical journalism.

Send us material for review!

Send us your ‘zines, books, compact discs, websites, whatever it is you’re doing; we’ll toss them in a teetering pile of neglected review submissions, from which we’ll occasionally seize an item at random to exalt or ridicule, according to our fancy. Hurry to get your releases in to us before our embittered reviewers finally start taking antidepressants and lose their edge, so to speak.

As per the old anarchist notion of freedom of association, we feel entitled not to run any submission we don’t care to—but that said, we do want this to serve as an open forum for all adventurers, malcontents, and insurgents, and that means we need you to use it as one. Please, please don’t leave all the fun to us, or make us have to take any more time out from our exploits to write about them than we already do.

Rolling Thunder
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