Fighting For Our Lives

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This PDF discusses, in simple language, what is anarchist in everyday life, and how those spheres of cooperation can be expanded. It addresses common questions that often deter people from exploring anarchist ideas and approaches, and endeavors to help introduce new terms and possibilities into the public consciousness—as well as to celebrate the times when we’ve realized those possibilities, for those who have been consciously participating in the anarchist project for years or decades already.

Mass-produced material like this is no substitute for individual expression, decentralized activity, or cultivating community, but it can be used to initiate and encourage those beautiful things. We’re not trying to speak for everyone, but to make it clear that everyone can speak; we’re not trying to define anarchy for everyone, but to undermine misunderstandings so everyone can begin that conversation afresh.

Click here to read a recent tale about FFOL in action.

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Tech specs

Size: 7.75" x 10"

Weight: 1 oz

Pages: 24

Ink: Full-color on cover and center-spread, two colors with bleeds throughout.

Words: 10,361

Illustrations: 9

Photographs: 13

Index: No

Suggested Reading List: Yes

printing history

Current Printing:
   No Longer in Print, PDF Only

Past Printings:
   5th printing, December 1st, 2010 — 50,000 copies
   4th printing, May 5th, 2008 — 100,000 copies
   3rd printing, April 1, 2006 — 150,000 copies
   2nd printing, June 26, 2004 — 100,000 copies
   1st printing, September 15, 2002 — 250,000 copies