About this Blog

The CrimethInc. Worker Bulletins of the past ten years have been distributed in scattershot fashion; some (notably, numbers 47 and 74) have been mass-produced by the thousand and disseminated to a wide readership, while others have only circulated among a couple comrades. This website will function as a clearinghouse for bulletins from participating CrimethInc. cells, enabling readers to keep abreast of their activities and, more importantly, coordinate activities with them.

Bulletins will appear here in six basic categories:

Calling All Anarchists
Announcements of upcoming events, proposals for future projects, appeals for participation and assistance

From the Trenches
Breaking news, eyewitness reports and analysis, accounts of the adventures and misadventures of CrimethInc. agents and other miscreants

From the Archives
Where we rescue valuable texts from the dustbin of history, and put them at the disposal of those best equipped to make use of them today.

Read All About It
CrimethInc. texts not available elsewhere on the internet, drafts in progress, other material of interest

Hot Off the Presses
New CrimethInc. project announcements and updates

Internal Memos
CrimethInc. Far East minutiae