The Ex-Worker #11: Fascism and Anti-Fascism


Recently murdered Greek anti-fascist rapper Killah P is just the latest casualty in a worldwide surge of fascist violence. In our eleventh episode of The Ex-Worker, we analyze contemporary fascism and the resistance anarchists have mounted to it, including the history of Anti-Racist Action. Interviews with the One People’s Project and New York City Anarchist Black Cross discuss the extreme right in the US today, tactics for fighting fascists, and the Tinley Park case. We also clear up a listener’s question about “National Anarchism,” roll out more Contradictionary terms, and share a ton of news and upcoming events.

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One thought on “The Ex-Worker #11: Fascism and Anti-Fascism

  1. Response to this episode by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain is online here:

    Personally, I actually disagree with Sean on this point. I think his definition of freedom is too limited and leaves out non-state forms of oppression, like patriarchy and racism. I also think that totalitarian communism is a distinct ideology from fascism which also conceeds absolute power to the state, so his definition of fascism doesn’t capture specific characteristics of facism (populism, racism, etc). I think it’s useful to recognize that these characteristics of fascist ideology are at the root of much of the conservative or republican agendas, and even underlay a lot of liberal politics.

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