New Feature on the US-Mexico Border


As a preview of the forthcoming tenth issue of Rolling Thunder, we present two texts about US border policy and policing:

The former, Designed to Kill, analyzes US border control policy, exploring how its actual effects and objectives differ from its ostensible purpose. The conclusions are based on several years of firsthand observation of both sides of the border by a participant in No More Deaths. For additional context, Four Stories from the Border offers glimpses into the lives of those who risk death to cross the border.

7 thoughts on “New Feature on the US-Mexico Border

  1. Any Spanish translations? Would love to pass it to friends here in VA. If not, when I’m done with my current translation work, I can get to this.

  2. What about the Spanish Revolution going on RIGHT NOW?
    I can´t believe that you are not posting anything in your blog about it. A lot of Spanish anarchists are fighting here in Spain everyday.

  3. In fact, we’re waiting on a report from a comrade in Spain. In the meantime, feel free to post something yourself here, even if it’s just some links.

  4. Can’t wait to check it out. I missed the Spanish portion of the presentation last Friday to set up camp.

  5. i have the feeling of being on the keychain end of a locked door. all keys look the same on a loop. i had a gringo friend who got hustled in hermosillo; i was envious of him for years. he had to hand over an evil eye and this short deck of nudies (playing cards, popular in texas hold ’em; it was missing a jack, a woman in net leggings).

    viva la!

  6. how can Spain, a country of beauty and riches, have an unemployment rate of 20%? something smells, and it’s the smell of greed, the greed of capitalist scum. good work capitalists, what’s it like knowing you fuct up your country, all in the pursuit of money.

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