Soliciting Stories of Workplace Theft


We’re soliciting stories about workplace theft for a journal that will appear in early April, in honor of STEAL SOMETHING FROM WORK DAY. Obviously, they should be anonymous and fictionalized. A simple paragraph will suffice, though if one of you sends in the War and Peace of employee revenge, we won’t complain.

Send stories to The deadline is Tuesday, March 30.

5 thoughts on “Soliciting Stories of Workplace Theft

  1. Stealing from work is considered a serious act of disloyalty and distrust to your boss, your colleges, and of course, your job. This is exactly why stealing from work can help you re-tip the scale that is being weighed down by the prices of the neccessities you seek- and more importantly; how you have to work like a dog to aquire this currency!
    Everybody should steal from work, especially if you’re unemployed. Post yourself throughout the statistics that are pre-determined. Companies and businesses expect this, and therefore, it shouldn’t even be considered. Take that electric pencil sharpener that nobody in your office uses. Slip some of your boss’ family pictures into your bag, etc. etc etc! WHY NOT? Do you care about the microscopic loss of stock in your company? Does anybody? Or does this influence you to go to new levels of extremities and actually make a hefty theft? Go for your manager’s car, your assistant’s wallet. You really have no reasons not to. What are they going to do; fire you?

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