All Out Against the 2010 Winter Olympics

Our pals over at subMedia write to us:

The 2010 Winter Olympics will take place in Vancouver & Whistler, on unceded Indigenous land, from February 12-28 2010. We call on all anti-capitalist, Indigenous, housing rights, labour, migrant justice, environmental, anti-war, community-loving, anti-poverty, civil libertarian, and anti colonial activists to come together to confront this two-week circus and the oppression it represents. We are organizing towards a global anti-capitalist and anti-colonial convergence against the 2010 Olympic Games.

5 thoughts on “All Out Against the 2010 Winter Olympics

  1. Wow…I wish airfare wasn’t so damned expensive. Anyone got any advice on how to get to Vancouver from North Carolina for mad cheap/free?

  2. I’m in the same boat as you my friend, being from Eastern N. Carolina. Outside of driving all that is available is train and plane, both being very expensive, and train will only get you as far as New York City. I would say plane is your best bet, cheapest round trip flights out of RDU are 638 bucks, by train you would have to get to NYC then i think to Montreal THEN Vancouver which would cost way more than going by plane. Finally there is driving which on 13 mpg (my poor excuse for a vehicles mpg) with gas at 3 dollars (for example) your looking at over 700 dollars one way trip. Soooo all in all plane is going to be the cheapest method of getting there and back.

    or you could walk which according to google maps will take you 38 days and 12 hours =P

  3. One can carry out solidarity actions anywhere, for what it’s worth. Presumably there are corporate sponsors in your area, for example, or else a Canadian consulate.

  4. It is cheapest to fly within the USA and then cross the border in the PNW in a bus/car/ferry/etc.

    Consider solidarity actions instead, though.

  5. <> And that means continuously without stopping, which I think would probably result in dropping dead from exhaustion, lol. So who knows how long it would actually take; I don’t think I’d want to find out. :-P

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