Green Birds of Confusion Postcard

We just printed a new version of the birds of confusion postcard on a nice Spring Green paper with Robin’s Egg Blue and Metallic Silver inks. Naming colors is fun. We did 1600 copies on our letterpress—6400 impressions over a few days—and they are now going out free in every paid order, and should last at least 6 weeks. Thanks again to Richard Olmsted for the artwork!

3 thoughts on “Green Birds of Confusion Postcard

  1. Very beautiful indeed. It is a shame that I am not going to order anything in some time so it will be probably out of stock when I order something. Poor me.

  2. We print them on the letterpress in our garage. We just got ahold of an inexpensive video camera and intend to film all the stages of our next printing to post here. Until then, you can check out wikipedia for the basics:

    The press pictured there is almost identical to ours.

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