From the Archives: Seattle Logistics Zine

We are delighted to debut a new category on our blog, From the Archives. Here, we will rescue valuable texts from the dustbin of history, putting them at the disposal of those best equipped to make use of them today.

Our first text in this series is the fabled Seattle Logistics Zine. Immediately after the Seattle WTO protests of 1999, many of the people who had coordinated essential aspects of the infrastructure of that mobilization collaborated on a zine exploring what they learned from their experiences. The zine covers organizing and security at the convergence spaces, volunteer coordination, the medic team, tactical communications, legal support, the squatting action described in N30: The Seattle WTO Protests, and the actual tactical and strategic planning that made the mobilization a success.

In the years since its publication, this zine has been widely sought but almost impossible to find. We expect it will provide helpful context not only to historians but also to those who are coordinating mobilizations this coming summer.

Download Reading PDF [3.5 MB] to read on screen.

Download Imposed PDF [6.7 MB] made for mass producing on copy machines and unreadable on screen.

3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Seattle Logistics Zine

  1. I think this is a great idea!

    Thanks so much for making these valuable texts available once again.

    I look forward to what’s next in this series.

  2. Words can not do justice to my gratefulness. There are now 130+ copies floating around the Twin Cities.

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