Coming Up for Air


It’s been an incredibly busy last few months here in Salem, and we’re just beginning to reach equilibrium in our post-Expect Resistance world. The spectacularly and continually delayed Rolling Thunder #5 is creeping towards completion (80 pages down, 24 to go!), as we struggle to find free moments between stuffing boxes full of books and carting them to the post office. Rest assured that we are closing the gap, and almost exactly 6 months late, RT#5 should be out around the end of February. I dare say that while the long delay sucks, it has certainly given us the time to make this the best issue yet.

8 thoughts on “Coming Up for Air

  1. I’m psyched about the new journal and it is well worth the wait considering what expect resistance is doing to our soon-to-be comrades.
    Comrade RK

  2. anyone read the book “coming up for air” by George Orwell?

  3. um, why are you using a login system on an anarchist website? it seems contrary to your goals. I can understand if people want to be connected with the site in a more personal way, but the “facebook” approach is not a good one, i think. Maybe you could come up with a new way to do it so that personal information (such as email, etc.) is not required to connect to the site.

    Just an idea.

  4. I agree. +1 for making logins completely optional.
    See you at the DNC,
    Comrade RK

  5. I think the idea, which came to eventually as well, is that totally open posting makes it too easy for trolls and other provocateurs to totally lower the level of interaction to ridiculous bickering. Indymedia websites around the US have been ruined by this, and the people moderating this site simply don’t have time to sit around all day deleting garbage from people who hate anarchists.

    For anonymity, just get a free email address in a library somewhere, use it once to get a login, then discard it. Do this every month or so for added anonymity. But don’t think the FBI is going through users of this site looking for people to arrest–they have bigger fish to fry.

  6. Hello!

    I have a question about 2 illustrations in Expect resistance:

    Page 270 (the barbedwire that turns into birds)
    Page 285 (The bank)

    Does anyone know who made them, where they are taken from, and/or where i can find similar works?


  7. Got my library to stock Expect Resistance. The funny thing is that I had to wait an extra long time before I could pick it up. The library worker that I coincidentally picked it up when it finally became “officially” available admitted that he had been reading some of it. :-)

  8. You can actually loan some of the Crimethinc books at the library here in Denmark, pretty cool if you ask me!

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