Now Serving Seven Continents


In December 2007, the first package from CrimethInc. Far East arrived in Antarctica, the last remaining continent to which we had not yet sent books. We hope the recipient, pictured here, will immediately set about fomenting anarchist revolution in his small colony of researchers; we fear he must hurry if he is to succeed before corporate industrialism melts the poles entirely. May our resistance be as global as capital!



4 thoughts on “Now Serving Seven Continents

  1. awesome! Resistance truly is global. Rock on.
    Comrade RK
    Denver, CO

  2. So. Just wondering if theres any news about when it will be able to order the book from amazon and other internet bookstores.. It is listed as “not in stock” or “not released yet”.. since its MUCH cheaper for me to order it from one here in sweden, than from you guys direct.. If I would have had the money I would have ordered from you, but i dont. The shipping is to much..

  3. WAIT. I was doing the order wrong, im so hasty sometimes. Its the same price now really.. so I just ordered one! Peace

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