CrimethInc. Groups Endorse RNC Strategy

unconventional.jpgFrom September 1 to 4, 2008, Republican vermin from around the nation will overrun the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota for the Republican National Convention, one of the most noxious media spectacles of the capitalist world. Reciprocally, CrimethInc. groups from across the United States have agreed to endorse a strategy for defending the Twin Cities from this unwanted assault. This strategy came out of a meeting called by the locals of the RNC Welcoming Committee, and is supported nationwide by the Unconventional Action network and countless other groups.

Starting next week, CrimethInc. Far East will include copies of the free paper just published by Unconventional Action detailing the context of and plans for resistance to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. A pdf of this paper can be downloaded from the Unconventional Action website; further copies of it can be ordered via

A follow-up to this announcement will explore the potential opportunities the Democratic and Republican National Conventions offer anarchists, and the merits of the particular strategy CrimethInc. groups are endorsing for the RNC actions. In the meantime, we urge those preparing to resist the Democratic National Convention to concoct a solid strategy proposal as soon as possible; if anarchist activities at the Republican National Convention are significantly better organized than those at the Democratic National Convention, it will be all too easy for our foes to reframe them as part of the electoral spectacle.

The RNC Strategy (as reported on

On the penultimate day of the “pReNC,” a national planning consulta a year in advance of the Republican National Convention, over a hundred anti-authoritarians from around the country gathered to distill a formal strategy for disrupting the convention. Smaller working groups focused on nationwide communications, food/medical/legal infrastructure, media, coalition building, and action planning. Pouring over maps, timetables, and photographs of the city, the action working group hammered out this plan.

On the first day of the convention, participants will employ a three-tiered direct action strategy to disrupt the RNC. The tiers are organized in order of priority according to the number of participants; if a small number of participants show up, only the first tier will be carried out, but if the numbers are on hand, all three tiers will be in effect.

Tier One: Establish 15-20 blockades, utilizing a diversity of tactics, creating an inner and outer ring around St. Paul’s Excel Center, where the RNC is to take place.

Tier Two: Immobilize the delegates’ transportation infrastructure, including the busses that are to convey them.

Tier Three: Block the five western bridges connecting the Twin Cities.

Those plugging into this strategy will be free to shape their actions as they see fit, using the tactics they consider appropriate. As the specific blockade sites are established, there may be a system of delegating some sites as “red zones” (prepared for self-defense), “yellow zones” (peaceful but assertive), and “green zones” (aiming to avoid any risk of arrest) so as to accommodate a wide variety of creative tactics and involve individuals with differing needs and talents.

Over the coming months, locals will identify the most strategic blockade sites and will be available to answer questions about the terrain. If you want to participate, get your comrades together, discuss your capabilities, look over maps, and start thinking about which sites you might cover. It will soon be time for groups to adopt specific intersections, streets, on-ramps, and bridges as their own.

The nationwide communications working group is calling for local and regional groups to organize their own planning consultas over the next months, so as to be ready to reconvene in Minneapolis in summer 2008. They are also calling for a series of local actions against oppression and electoral politics leading up to and building momentum and experience for the RNC and DNC.

8 thoughts on “CrimethInc. Groups Endorse RNC Strategy

  1. Props to Crimethinc for supporting the crashing of the *NC.
    See you there,
    Comrade RK
    Denver, CO resident

  2. Funny that the first two people to comment on this post are Denverites. Anyways, for those interested in participating in the direct action strategy for the DNC, it will be put forth at the next Denver consulta- Jan 18-21. To RSVP and/or get more information email We’ll hopefully have a website up soon exclusively for the consulta and Unconventional Denver in general.

  3. I received my book in the mail today; it’s beautiful, and i’m completely stunned.

    I plan on reading it in one sitting, when I have time this weekend.

    thank you for settling for nothing less than excellence

  4. I’m confused….doesn’t the tactics describe here functionally deny people their right to freely participate in the political process as they choose?

    I mean, I think protest is cool and needed, but to act in such a way as to keep delegates from their meetings, I don’t know.

    That seems kind of like damaging printing presses so your opponents don’t get to put their ideas out there, which is kind of a fascist tactic.

  5. Fred, I think this is fighting fire with fire. Our voices have been denied under the two-party system, and we must seek unconventional means in order to make ourselves known. Besides, there are many other ways for those who control the mainstream (the RNC) to “put there ideas out.” The protests, I think, are to deny the most prestigious of them to the ruling class.

  6. It just so happens that I work at the Xcel Energy Center/RiverCentre which is located in St. Paul for those of you who will inevitably confuse it with Minneapolis. If anyone has any questions I’ll let you know all I can.

  7. as an adult who grew out of anarchism, and not into a system and a resident of st. paul, I don’t understand the purpose of coming to my town and fucking shit up.

    I mean, how many anarchists who are going to show up actually vote? your worried about your voice, but it’s not like you cared to use it anyways. right?

    I’m guilty of this as well. I don’t vote, but I also don’t form blockades at RNC’s and DNCs. And if your voice is really the issue. if that’s really what your concerned is not being heard, then maybe take into consideration using your activism as a way to try to get out the truth about the fact that the last 2 elections have been rigged anyways. you think you don’t have a voice, but you don’t seem to realize, that this is nothing new.

    so, long story short. if you come to st. paul, don’t look for minnesota nice. you won’t find it here.

    -Burn_Your_Own_Town (i’m sure it’s full of rich kids just like you)

  8. Please remember to distinguish a vote from a voice. A vote is anonymous, silent, an implicit way of accepting the government. A voice is loud, gets in people’s faces, makes a scene and a mess. What better way to get our message out there than to blockade the conventions? Get people thinking about the scam that is the ‘democratic process’, where you can pick one corporate suit or another corporate suit. What sort of choice is that?

    As for the rigged elections — would it have made the slightest bit of difference. Instead of republicans, democrats. Big deal, they’re both political parties, they both support the system, so I support neither of them.

    We feel that the best way of grabbing the attention of the people is through protests, because telling the government ‘we don’t like you’ doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference. They know we don’t like them — we’re anarchists — but as long as the majority of the population are still unaware that you can live without a government, the government are safe. Get on the streets, get our message out, and go straight to the people. Voting is not a voice, it’s a gag.

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