Read and Reading Tremble

CrimethInc. Launches New Offensive with the Publication of Expect Resistance

They called us bourgeois for urging people to abandon bourgeois culture.
They called us anti-worker for refusing complicity in exploitation.
They dismissed our advocacy of plagiarism as unoriginal.
They mocked us for producing paper bullets,
Then cried foul play when those projectiles hit their targets.
When we subsisted on crusts of bread, they insisted it was the upper crusts;
When we discovered cornucopias of abundance, they preferred their sour grapes.
We’ve been branded militants and dilettantes, black bloc and bête noire, primus inter pariahs.

We reply, as Marie Antoinette might have, that they can have their words and eat them too—like Samuel Clemens, we don’t care what our detractors say about us, so long as they don’t tell the truth.

0970910169.jpgLong ago, we embarked on the greatest adventure of our lives: the total rejection of hierarchy, submission, and tedium, of status and status quo. Seceding from an entirely colonized world, we cast ourselves as crash-test dummies in a life-or-death mission to smash through the walls of capitalism.

Contrary to all expectations, we’ve survived. To our surprise, we are now able to present Expect Resistance, a coded account of our adventures hitting those walls and a full report on our findings beyond them.

Printed in stunning black and red and bound in the skin of corporate executives, Expect Resistance is the perfect coffee table book for anyone who lives out of a backpack. Our writers have spent years experimenting with every possible extremity of existence; our editors have spent months hammering out imperfections and adding sickles to the periods to turn them into question marks; our designers, as everyone knows, are the best in the business, not to mention the best against it. A thousand sleeper cells across the planet prepare to swing into action as this announcement is typed.

Concerned citizens may object that some of the raw materials from which this book has been assembled have yet to enter the public domain; we ask them to think of Expect Resistance as a book ahead of its time.

To enjoy your very own copy of Expect Resistance, simply commit to a project as ambitious and absurd as our own, blunder obstinately forward for several years, then send a few dollars to CrimethInc. Far East to defray printing and shipping expenses. Better yet, save your money and request a copy at your local library.

Still in love with all of you and the amazing things we have yet to do–

–your faithful ex-workers

6 thoughts on “Read and Reading Tremble

  1. I placed my order a bit ago. Pretty sure I was the first one ;)

  2. Look, don’t worry about the criticism. Fuck explaining the ‘fancy’ shipping boxes, or accusations of trust-fund anarchist whatever. packing peanuts deserve no explanation, nor do advocacy of shoplifting, etc. You folks have done more to popularize anarchist ideas than perhaps anyone else in the last howevermany years. Let the tired old remnants of the left criticize-as there relevance fades they have nobody left to cannibalize but themselves and those who would supplant them. An anarchy that is able to connect our own personal struggles for liberation from oppressive mechanisms of control that we each face, to the greater struggle for the end of the hierarchal institutions that are leading our planet to the edge of destruction is the only relevant anarchy. Good job, and may your work inspire others to actualize their truest desires. I believe that our truest individual desires are congruent with the greater planetary good. Rock on.

  3. Let the dead end nightmares of the world systems of control and misery, tremble and wet their pants as Expect Resistance finds it way to those with Anarchist hearts and open dreams.

  4. “Days of War, Nights of Love” opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I devoured the book within a few days….something no book has ever done. It has made me think and ask questions that I otherwise may not have asked myself. And for that I am eternally thankful. And it makes me that much happier to know that there are others out there. Thank you for waking me up.

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