Really Really Free Market in New York City


Those who enjoyed the feature article on detailing how to organize a successful Really Really Free Market will be pleased to learn that the most recent ‘Free Market in New York City went off without a hitch! This article includes a brief report and links to photographs. Good luck to all those endeavoring to organize ‘Free Markets in smaller cities and neighborhoods around the country—remember, if they can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!

6 thoughts on “Really Really Free Market in New York City

  1. Any idea which cities this has happened/ is happening in??

  2. The tiny town of Carrboro, NC has them on a monthly basis, and they’ve spread to other parts of North Carolina: this coming weekend Greensboro will have one, the following weekend Wilmington will have its second, and they’ve also occurred in Charlotte and Greenville (which has had the most in NC, after Carrboro). Raleigh had the first one in the state in mid-2004. I think Asheville has something similar but under a different name. Only Carrboro has them on a regular day of the month, though. Anyone want to fill in other states?

  3. anarchists in milwaukee organized one for the last may day here and since then they have been picked up and organized by this slightly anti-authoritarian progressive organization called milwaukee network for social change whose motivation is to create a network of information sharing and action. They have generally pretty vague unarticulated views about almost everything, but i’m glad they were inspired by the free market done by people at the Cream City Collectives enough to make it the main purpose of their group. There aren’t enough people at the CCC who would be interested in committing to doing the work necessary to making sure it happens every month because they’re spread pretty thin.

  4. We have one monthly in Santa Barbara, California. It’s not huge, usually between fifty and a hundred people show up, more or less throughout the day. We always have food, and then lots of other assorted things, folks show up to play music and all.

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